I'm Ramiro Encinas

Here you will see some stuff that I like, hear music that I composed and others things that I developed.

Spanish version

Deep Field

Deep bass with solemn and melancholic arpeggio. The choir releases to start over again.


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Raku Guide

Raku is a programming language specification whose strengths are: its incredible Unicode support, powerful concurrent engine, gradual typing, advanced grammars and the support of many programming paradigms like object oriented and functional.

The current Raku implementation is the Rakudo compiler that hosts the MoarVM virtual machine and then interprets Raku code and run it in the operating system.

If you want to know Raku, see https://raku.guide.


One of the few tracks I've composed in the late 90s using the live cutoff filter. All its sounds come from the Roland EG-101 Groovekeyboard on a purely techno track. Outronx has one of the upraising moments that I like the most, at minute 3, second 35.


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A Tutorial on pointers and arrays in C

C is the programming language in which the most popular programming languages are written. Published in 1972, there has been no language that has aged so much and so well. Simple and powerful, the core of the predominant operating systems such as UNIX, the Linux kernel, Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS have been written in C, as well the most important Internet web services such Apache and Nginx, or databases such as MySQL or Redis.

The pointers are the most powerful concept of C. With pointers you can perform massive operations on complex data structures in the most efficient way possible; for example, you can extract and compute data from a structure and put the result in another structure in record time that cannot be matched by any other programming language. To understand pointers properly I translated one of the best tutorials on this topic. Here you have the best tutorial of pointers in the Universe, written in 2003 by Ted Jensen. PDF version available here.


Nostalgic 150bpm pure SpeedHardcore influenced by some tracks produced at the highest point of this style over the year 1994.


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Diresp: folders size in Windows

Lack of space in a storage device is one of the most common problems that generate incidents in the information systems.

Windows systems are no exception, and know the largest locations of occupied space in a disk partition helps quickly take decisions, such as deleting files that are not necessary, moving them to another location or expanding space.

To find out the used space from each folder within a given folder, I developed with C language this tiny command line tool: diresp3.exe.

Put the diresp3.exe file in a PATH location as C:\Windows\system32, then open the command line prompt and go into the folder where you want to know its size and run diresp3.exe directly. The result is a sizes-sorted list of the current subfolders.

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I've always liked the tracks with big bass, with a very strong rhythm, inspired by hymns and with decadent areas. With all this in mind, I composed Involution, a sample of all this.


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Raku modules

The Raku modules extend the funcionalities of this programming language.

My contribution to the Raku module ecosystem includes the following modules oriented to system administration:

Another Raku module project is RawApp, a tiny Web Application Framework.


After enjoying one of the concerts of The Chameleons UK in Madrid, some of its influences motivated the composition of this track. Where did the name come from? From here.


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The Jargon File

The Jargon File is a dictionary made by old-school developers and hackers whose oldest terms began to be used in the MIT in the 1950s. In 1975 began its compilation at Stanford University giving rise a file called 'Jargon-1'. Its content distils a great variety of irony and sense of humor that the communities of developers used to refer 'their stuff' and certain comic and ironic situations derived from their relationship with other workgroups. Here you have the repository that contains all versions of the Jargon file.

Lost Atlantic

After one of the readings of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, part of the discovery of Atlantis influenced me enough to make the techno version.


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Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson designed and implemented the first UNIX operating system in 1970, also created the B programming language, which was the predecessor of the C programming language, also defined UTF-8 encoding initially on a paper napkin... All this among other stuff influenced notably the sciences of computer theory. In 1983 Ken Thompson received the Alan Turing award together with Dennis Ritchie for their contribution to the development of the general theory of operating systems (specifically the implementation of UNIX) and talked about 'Trust in trust', demonstrating that it's very difficult to detect a Trojan at low level. Here you have the document that contains this demonstration.